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5 Tips for Setting Realistic Weight Loss Goals

January 15, 2024

Do you want to start a weight loss journey this year but are unsure where to start? Setting realistic weight loss goals is the very first step towards success that shouldn’t be overlooked. Check out these top tips, and find out how our independent pharmacy can help you succeed.

1. Break down a large goal into more manageable tasks.


The most common mistake people make when setting weight loss goals is not making them manageable. Think of the acronym SMART:
Simple: don’t make it too complicated!
Measurable: make your goal as specific as possible!
Achievable: don’t set something harder than what you can achieve!
Realistic: make your goal realistic by breaking it down into smaller tasks!
Time-bound: don’t forget to monitor your progress!

2. Use rewards and incentives rather than harsh limits.

Particularly when it comes to your diet, it’s easy to say you’ll never eat “x” food again or never order takeout, but in reality, that’s not only unrealistic but also too restrictive. Instead of focusing on your limits, give yourself incentives and rewards to work toward, as well as allow yourself to enjoy the things you like, just in moderation.

3. Surround yourself with accountability partners.

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Allowing others to help motivate and encourage you is one of the best ways to ensure achieving your weight loss goal. Get yourself a workout partner, or tell family and friends so that they can keep you accountable. It’s much more fun to celebrate your wins with someone and rely on them for support when you’re feeling down.

4. Give yourself the opportunity to re-evaluate.

Just because you set a goal for yourself doesn’t always mean it will work out for your situation in the long term. Regularly check in with your progress and take note of any hindrances or constraints. If the goal is no longer working for you, look for ways to modify it.

5. Rely on your local pharmacy for customized solutions.

You are never alone in your weight loss journey, and if you’re struggling, you can come to us for compassionate, detailed care. We have unique solutions, from supplements like our probiotics, fiber supplements, and berberine all the way to compounded medications like semaglutide and low-dose naltrexone.


Nudora Probiotics: This blend of 5 probiotic strains is backed by research showing to aid in better digestion, fat burning, and reducing inflammation.

Berberine & Fiber: The combination of fiber supplements and berberine has been very effective for many trying to lose weight. Fiber is beneficial for optimal digestion and keeps you feeling fuller longer. Berberine works to improve blood glucose metabolism, a key in weight management.

pure lean weight support daily packs

Weight Loss Support Daily Packs: these convenient supplement packs contain a variety of vitamins and nutrients to support a healthy metabolism and work to curb cravings and appetites.

Compounded Medications

Our compounding pharmacy in Sweetwater TN provides a variety of medication solutions for those struggling with weight loss. Semaglutide is a type of drug used to treat Type 2 diabetes that is also helpful for weight loss. Low-dose naltrexone (LDN) is another example of a compounded medication we can create as customized dosage strengths in a variety of forms, from pills to injections and dissolvable tablets.

We hope this information was helpful for setting realistic weight loss goals! The team at Little Drug is ready and willing to help however we can on your journey to better health. Are you looking for more health tips? Check out these 10 easy steps to a healthy lifestyle!