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5 Reasons Multi Dose Packaging is Beneficial

April 15, 2024

Do you have a medicine cabinet full of pill bottles, fill one or more pill organizers each week, and are tired of the hassle? We have a very helpful service that allows us to compile all of our prescriptions into daily packets without all the fuss! Whether you have compounded medications or regular prescriptions, we can help make it easier for you to manage your meds and stay on top of everything. Keep reading to find out why multi dose packaging is beneficial for the pharmacy, the patient, and any caregivers they may have.

1. Improved Medication Adherence

We understand that keeping track of all of your prescriptions can be overwhelming, and if you are caring for a loved one, it can be difficult to keep it all straight. Multi dose medication packaging combines all your daily meds into one easy-to-open pouch. If you have several medications you take at different times of the day, we can accommodate that by dividing your packs by morning, afternoon, and evening doses. We can also add any dietary supplements to your regimen!

2. Portable & Convenient

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Another benefit of multi dose packaging is that it is more convenient and means you have to take fewer trips to the pharmacy. All of your prescriptions are processed at the same time, allowing you to have all your meds without messing with monthly refills. The handy pouches are also ideal for those with a busy schedule since you can just grab your daily pack and get out the door. Especially if you travel frequently, multi dose pill packaging requires minimal upkeep and no more carrying around multiple bottles or organizers!

3. More Efficient

As a multi dose packaging pharmacy, we can improve efficiency in preparing your prescriptions, as well as operational accuracy and time management overall. Semi and fully-automatic packaging options allow us to work smarter and give us more time to devote to personal patient care. When our work at the pharmacy goes smoothly, customer satisfaction increases, and providing you with the best service possible is our #1 priority!

4. Cost Effective With Less Waste

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Costs for a multi dose packaging system are low, and in addition to increasing productivity and overall satisfaction, this process eliminates waste on both the patient and pharmacy sides. Rather than you having to get a whole new bottle of pills when you have a change in dosage, all we have to do is adjust your multi packs, and you’re ready to go!

5. Reduced Burden on Caregivers

Besides patient safety and convenience, the benefits of multi dose pill packaging can also be extended to long-term care facility staff, patients’ family members, and caregivers. Having all your morning, afternoon, and evening medicine automatically grouped and packaged together gives loved ones and carers peace of mind and ensures those who are caring for the patient can administer the correct meds at the correct times.

Want to sign up for multi dose packaging? Stop in or give us a call, and one of our staff can help you begin the process in just a few simple steps. We will do everything we can to make accessing your medicine as straightforward as possible. Learn more about our local compounding pharmacy services for more ways we can help you!